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Apple To Relaunch Beats Music In March Inside iOS [REPORT]

Apple beatsApple is planning to relaunch Beats Music in March, according to new reports.  The "new" paid streaming music service would reportedly be a part of a new version of Apple's iOS operating system.  If true, it would be consistent with how Apple handles most of its core applications and services keeping each within Apple's closely integrated eco-system.

The new reports, which first came via the Financial Times, included no details as to how else Apple might change Beats, though rumors have suggested that Apple is fighting labels for a $5 monthly price, vs. the current $10.  

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  1. I like Apple a lot but I’m disappointed that they are trying to further rip off musicians with lowering the monthly price….maybe because its an automatic download it will make up for lowering the price because it will reach more people and hence even out.

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