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audiomachine: Remixed Now Available on CD Baby

16977-1500x1500_20Final_20Coveraudiomachine, a boutique motion picture advertising music production collective, was approached by demanding consumers to release their fan-proclaimed "epic" trailer music commercially, and as a result, audiomachine: Remixed happened. To add an additional layer of creativity, audiomachine approached some of electronic music's most famed remixers to turn their trailers into something even more unique and engaging. In streaming the sample track, I can say with confidence, "mission accomplished." 

audiomachine: Remixed is a perfect example of how music discovery is constantly evolving. With young adults glued to YouTube streaming movie and video game trailers, they're bound to get hooked on the music (if it's good) and to want more of it. Clearly, audiomachine has been successful in crafting thrilling and addiciting soundtrack music, but they wanted to take their craftsmanship to the next level. 

Slider“In most cases, the marriage of music and picture played out exactly on-screen as it did in our imagination, when we first sat down to write the tracks,” says Paul Dinletir, audiomachine’s main composer. “Other times, we’ve seen how open, creative minds, unencumbered by typical trailer guidelines can interpret our music in totally unique and unexpected ways.

“For this project, we wanted to harness that creativity in a new way,” adds audiomachine’s Carol Sovinski. “So we reached out to some of our favorite artists and gave them free rein to re-envision our music through their lens.” The diverse results reflect the breadth and depth of audiomachine’s work, and its epic ability to inspire.

audiomachine: Remixed was released this morning and is now available on CD Baby


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