Bill Bragg Apologizes To Taylor Swift, Offers Her His “Full Support”

billy bragJust days after taking Taylor Swift to task for removing her music from Spotify, musician and activist Billy Bragg has apologized and offered her his "full support." More than about free streaming music, Bragg's criticism had been more about why he believed to Swift's decision to 'secretly' side with Google and YouTube over Spotify. "Google are going after Spotify and Taylor Swift has just chosen sides," wrote Bragg. But after learning that most of Swift's music had also been kept off YouTube's new Music Key, he quickly changed his tune.

"I want to apologise to Taylor Swift for accusing her of selling her soul to Google," wrote Bragg on Facebook. "I have learned that her music will not now be available on the new YouTube Music Key service, which launched this week."

Then in terms that a friend of labor like Bragg can relate to, he expressed his solidarity:

image from www.hypebot.com"The time will surely come when content creators have to band together to challenge deals done between rights holders and service providers, details of which are kept from artists and their representatives. If Ms Swift is going to lead that fight for transparency, she will have my full support."

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