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How to Get Best Quality Voice Over Recording

Microphone blast shield voiceover copyAudio recordings can easily be distinguished by their quality. If you have the same person record the same thing in two different setttings, the end result can be drastic. External factors like outside noises can harm the recording. In addition, if an audio engineer does not have the correct skills to make the recording sound as best as it can, the final product can be unpolished and unprofessional. Chris Meloni has learned a thing or two about this and shares his knowledge with us today on

The world of voice over recording is all about conveying a particular feeling to make the listener intrigued. Because of this, voice over artists have to make sure that their recordings are free from as many distractions as possible. Thankfully, creating a quality recording can be easily achieved by simple fixes that anyone can do. The most important ingredient you need to achieve a great recording is getting some peace and quiet. Learn Chiris Meloni's other tips to get a quality voice recording on

"When creating a voice over recording the end result or the final product that we get is the voice itself and nothing else to hide flaws. At certain times, voice overs are being accompanied by the background music just as in the podcast intros as well as outros or while narrating short videos. But for the majority of the parts, a voice over recording just means the voice. As a result, in this case it could be said that the better the sound quality, the more professional and clear the end-result will be."

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  1. I love his tip about just getting some peace and quiet, because it seems like common sense, but a lot of times it isn’t. Sometimes people think that just because they can hardly hear something, nobody else can, but that simply isn’t true. The mic surprisingly can pick up on a lot of small noises, so if there is any background noise at all, it will mess with the integrity of the recording.

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