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Indies Deliver Limited Edition Music Just In Time For Black Friday

RecordStoreDayLogoUPDATED: Record Store Day is holding its  fifth annual Black Friday event today (Friday November 28th). There is not an incomprehensible list of sale items being broadcasted as you've likely seen or experienced throughout this week in nearly every medium imaginible. Rather, in an effort to remove commercialized chaos from the experience, Record Store Day's Black Friday Event will offer limited edition exclusives and small-run speciality items to consumers who seek and appreciate the rarity and value of such pieces. 

Record Store Day prides themselves on offering quality over quantity and sees Black Friday as an opportunity to celebrate the artists who made the music, the music itself, and the independent stores who carry it. 

How can music fans find a local store who is celebrating Black Friday?

go to and click the link for participating stores, but as stores do their own purchasing, we can not tell you which stores will carry which titles, if any. Also, some stores on the site specialize in “pre-loved” music and choose not to stock new releases. We always encourage you to find a store near you and then strike up a conversation with them to find out their plans.  (A visit to a record store is never a waste of time!)

For a full list of independent releases available on Black Friday at participating US stores, visit 

Additional information on the Black Friday event is also available on

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