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Mad Genius Radio Launches | Offers FREE Lifetime Listening For Hypebot Readers

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.57.44 AMEven with expertly curated playlists, redundency tends to kick in eventually. Mad Genius Radio is looking to change that with their uniquely customizable streaming platform. With Mad Genius Radio you can add music by genres, time periods, moods and artists; you can then rate those artists and their songs individually, and change the level of each category's influence as simply as you push/pull a dial on a sound board. Mad Genius Radio introduced their platform to the public three weeks ago and has issued an exclusive free lifetime of listening offer to the first 50 Hypebot readers to subscribe. Want in? 

Use the Promo Code "HYPEBOT" at Registration

Why try it? A word from the team at Mad Genius Radio: 

"For us, there are three big turn-offs when it comes to music services: stale playlists, hit-or-miss recommendation engines, and the doubt/anxiety caused by simple thumbs up or down input. Not to mention the ads. We believe that radio needs to be a good mix of the familiar with the avant-garde, along with the ability for the individual listener to truly influence the music. And it needs to sound great whether you're actively personalizing it or just passively listening." 

The outstanding difference between Mad Genius Radio and it's competition is the attention they've given to the experience. They've given users full control over the input, output and customization of their playlists – and you have fun while doing it. A prime example of this is in their guilty pleasures feature. Masked by an ice cream cone icon, guilty pleasures allows you to do things like play Miley Cyrus before the boys come over for the game with a clear conscience. No one will ever know. 

Need more reasons to try Mad Genius? They've got them. 

  • no ads. period. 
  • walk away for a few minutes with the ability to come back and rate the music you missed
  • go on auto-pilot for a while, without touching a thing, and still have great music you like
  • max out on all the cool new hits every once in awhile
  • trequest songs and artists and rate them too, even if they haven't played yet or if they are from a genre not currently playing.

In an interview last week at SF Music Tech with Chris Franks of Mad Genius Radio, he shared some of the platform's highlights: "Everyone is going to have a unique and interesting musical taste, but no current radio app on the market pushes them together. If you want to listen to a little bit of raggae, some rock, college radio, and electronic dance – you can – and with the Mad Genius player you can control the frequency of which that music plays."

Franks went on to say, "I believe that assuming a listener would be satisfied with one singular genre is just overly simplistic." Mad Genius Radio allows for cross-genre pollination in a way that gives the user the best of their musical preferences and opens the door for new music discovery. 

Perhaps the folks at Mad Genius Radio are onto something here. See for yourself by using promo code HYPEBOT when you subscribe.

*If you miss the window to sign up as one of the first 50 Hypebot subscribers, don't get your feelings hurt, get to listening! Mad Genius Radio has a public offer out to the first 1000 listeners to listen to 1000 songs. They too will enjoy a free lifetime of listening. 

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