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Livemusic2In the world of live music, all of its key players have very distinct interests. The venue wants to use live music as a way to drive their bottom line in food/beverage sales. The musicians want to increase their fan base and be compensated fairly. Fans want to see an amazing show in an atmosphere that enhances their musical experience. 

Creating the optimal music experience is like baking. If anything is lacking or missing, it can compromise everything. If a musician does everything they can to ignite their fanbase but the venue is not doing its part to promote the event locally, money is lost because not enough people came to make a profit and concert-goers can be turned off from returning to the venue because the experience was lackluster. Mark Knight
founder of Right Chord Music, gives insight to creating a successful live music event that is benefical for all involved on

"Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and remind ourselves what we want from live music.[…]These ‘wants’ should help clarify the roles each stakeholder plays in promoting live music."

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