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Take That Spotify! Rdio Discounts Family Plan 50%

Rdio FamilyRdio has been family friendly since their first roll out of a Family Plan in 2011. But they've been in a bit of a price war with Spotify in recent months, so their now they're offering it for 50% off. Believing everyone should be able to benefit from the Family Plan model, Rdio allows for the personalization of family sub-accounts so that parents don't have to stream their children's music and vice versa.  

For $5 a month for each additional member of your family, you can enjoy access to You FM, stations, playlists and several other features. The new pricing model is now available globally and is as follows: 

• Family of 2 = $14.99
• Family of 3 = $19.99
• Family of 4 = $24.99
• Family of 5 = $29.99

You can sign up for the Rdio family plan here

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