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Rdio Says ‘We’re Still Streaming Taylor Swift, Restates “Commitment to Artist Choice”

image from d2evssqqc3vy5p.cloudfront.netEven though she finally shared her reasoning, the Taylor Swift's Big Machine vs. Spotify story shows no signs of going away.  Recent leaks point to a fight specifically with Spotify over availabilty on the music streamer's free platform. Today Rdio, one of Spotify's main competitors, is touting the fact that because their more flexible artist friendly, they still have most of Taylor's music available for their subscribers.

The full library of Taylor Swift’s music, other than the new album “1989", remains available via Rdio in two ways:
  • image from www.hypebot.comon-demand - allowing paid subscribers to listen to any of her songs anywhere, anytime they want   
  • Internet radio – allowing anyone to hear her songs as part of the ad- supported Internet radio experience

“Rdio listeners benefit from our longtime commitment to respecting the choices artists and their labels make about how their songs should be distributed. Let’s always remember that artists deserve a say in how their music is shared with their fans,” said Anthony Bay, CEO of Rdio.

In other words, "we play nice." 


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