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Seven Seas Music Brings One-Click Music Licensing to Filmmakers and Advertisers

76553062_lThe San Francisco based web platform, Seven Seas Music, is taking the headache out of music discovery and licensing by bringing a wide array of world music to digital content producers virtually. Media professionals can audition tracks within the carefully curated library of 5,000 tracks and begin the process of licensing that music for use with one click. The startup, overseen by music licensing professionals Brooke Wentz and Maryam Soleiman, hopes to bridge the gap between international musicians and audio-visual producers.

Currently boasting musical selections from more than 40 countries, Seven Seas Music employs the use of a patent-pending interactive map that allows users to scroll over different regions to sample songs. From there, users can build or share their playlists or begin the process of music licensing. 

“Music licensing has become an increasingly important component of an artist’s financial well-being not to mention their promotion,” begins Ms. Wentz. “At the same time, creative storytellers face a real challenge when it comes to discovering and licensing quality, authentic world music.  Our mission is to provide a simple, expertly curated platform, one that the creative community can turn to to find and license the best, most evocative sounds the world has to offer.”


“What we’re creating is a unique bridge between international musicians and audio-visual producers,” adds Soleiman.  “The site is a tool for both content creators and music creators to thrive in the global music marketplace.”

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