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Tunecore-logo-650px1,112 members of the TuneCore community responded to the survey they dispersed asking indie artists and label management about the current state of the music industry. The industry has been and is continuing to rapidly evolve and as those changes take place, artists are both challenged and expected to keep up. TuneCore posed the survey looking for helpful answers - their users did not let them down.

In a recent blog post, TuneCore shared the results of their survey highlighting five areas of the music industry.


Streaming | 67.46% of respondents believe streaming to be an asset to the discovery of new music. 

Distribution Without A Label | 64.66% rated the importance of digital distribution as the #1 or #2 most significant and beneficial change in the music industry.

Social Platforms | Facebook claimed this category with 65.11% of respondents ranking the social media outlet first or second most important social network for connecting with fans. 

Distribution Channels | 65.83% of respondents put iTunes in the number one slot for distribution channels. (YouTube and Spotify were an even match for runner up)

5-Year Revenue Outlook | Live performance was the favorite across the board. Licensing and paid downloads claimed second and third place.

The survey can be accessed in its entirety on