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Why The Spotify Uber Partnership Matters More Than You Think

[UPDATE 2] I admit to uber invitea bit of surprise when Uber's PR team reached out on Friday with a personal invite to "Please join Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Special Partner Guest for a global press call to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership."  The music notes at the top of the invite only added to the intrigue; and over the weekend the story leaked: Uber is partnering with Spotify to bring music to the backseat of its popular car service.

Why It's A Big Win For Both Spoify & Uber

Read details of today's announcement here.

Why It Matters

There's nothing game changing in this partnership nor will it drive much, if any, revenue.  (Spotify is hoping to connect with the millennials who use Uber.) But it does have real benefits for both companies.  Two media darlings get to share the spotlight and both benefit beyond the publicity. More importantly Uber enhances its user experience, while Spotfy demonstrates how easily it can replace broadcast radio in the last place that it still dominates - your car.  

And if that's not reason enough, the deal also means that Spotify and Uber just left Pandora, iHeartradio and plethora of others at the curb.

Check out this 10 month old French video on Vimeo that confirmed the partnership: