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Universal Music Joins $1.3M VIDA Seed Round

UMGSan Francisco-based socially conscious e-commerce platform VIDA has closed a $1.3 million seed funding round led by Google Ventures, The Valley Fund and Universal Music Group. 

VIDA discovers artists from all disciplines, and connects them with both manufacturers and consumers.

Nanon and Don Mattrick’s Beehive Holdings, Dave Morin’s Slow Ventures, and Jesse Draper also joined the seed round. The capital will be used for product development and personnel hiring.

Thus far VIDA has concentrated mostly on fashion. The use of direct-to-fabric digital printing allows VIDA to produce one-of-a-kind items at scale and manufacture in response to demand. By working directly with textile mills and factories, and removing inefficiencies and waste from the system, VIDA offers quality products at sensible prices. For their factory workers, VIDA offers literacy programs and an opportunity to learn to read, write, and do basic math, so they can build a better life for themselves and their families.

“We are using innovations in design and technology to collapse the distances between designers, artists, and producers from around the globe and produce beautiful, original products that uplift and inspire our shoppers and create beauty every step of the way,” said Umaimah Mendhro, founder & CEO of VIDA. “We are turning commerce on its head and reimagining the industry for the thoughtful, global citizens of the modern world.”

“VIDA’s approach to e-commerce connects shoppers directly with designers and makers to create unique pieces, at scale,” said Google Ventures partner Dave Munichiello. “Umaimah and her team have tapped into an emerging trend where consumers favor options that allow them to feel more deeply engaged with the people who design and create the products they use every day.”

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