Why You Should Be Using Instagram as a Musician (And All Its Dirty Secrets)

Download (1)In a Social Media Marketer's arsenal, there are undoubtedly fancy tricks to reach fans through Instagram. For a musician wearing the hat of both Rocker and Publicist, tackling Instagram could seem daunting. Thankfully, this social media platform is one of the simplist ways to create connections with fans and it seems that Joe Marson has the tips and tricks to help achieve that goal.

Creating a fan base organically is a rough challenge for anyone, let alone the social media novice. In addition, social media sites like Facebook have made it difficult for posts to been seen by your fans due to fancy algorhythms. In this article, Joe Marson, breaks down the world of Instagram and how to create a meaningful presence with your followers on MusicThinkTank.com

"Who do you want to get your name and music in front of? I suggest bands that you are similar to or venues you are about to play or that you play all the time. The more specific and niche the better. "

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