6 Tips for Your Holiday Email Campaigns

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.30.37 PMBy Amanda Krebs on the FanBridge Blog

The inbox can be daunting when December rolls around, but we’re here to help you craft a powerful campaign that will cut through the clutter to your most supportive fans.  Here are 6 things to keep in mind as you gear up for holiday promotions:

1. Make it easy

People are bombarded with gift options for their loved ones, and it can be a little overwhelming.  No need to let all your cannons loose with 12 sales and 3 giveaways and 20 new merch items.  Try to guide your subscribers with a helpful tip instead with something like, “My new vinyl release would be a great gift for dad – especially while it’s 25% off!”

2. Keep it short and sweet

The holidays are a very busy time for everyone, and no one has extra time for things like reading.  In this case almost all cases, less is more.  Simply highlight 2-3 things in your email campaign and leave the rest to them.  Too many options is not the answer, and your fans will thank you for not wasting their time.

3. Be promotional 

Tips-for-your-300x300People are not only expecting promotions in their inbox, they want promotions in their inbox.  Buying gifts can be challenging, so save your fans some time by giving them deals they don’t have to search for OR even leave the house for!

4. Be exclusive

Don’t forget to offer some exclusive content for your email list – these are your most supportive fans after all!  Make your subscribers feel special, and in turn your products feel more special to them.  If you offer an exclusive sale, t-shirt, or download for your email list, they will feel infinitely cooler for having access to it, and it will create more value for your product in return.

5. Be thankful

Don’t have any promotions going on?  A simple thank you is always a nice gesture this time of year.  Never forget that your fans are the reason for everything, and they probably deserve a heartfelt thanks for their support.  Don’t underestimate the power this has – your fans will remember your genuine and honest moments.

6. Start now

Don’t wait until December 24th to send your holiday campaign.  Start creating it now, and send it soon!  Make sure your subscribers would have enough time to order something and have it shipped in time for Christmas.  The holidays are officially upon us, and you don’t want to miss this special opportunity to connect with your fans.

Tell us what you’ve done in the past in your holiday email campaigns – what worked and what didn’t?

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