AdRev Acquires Digital Music Distributor DashGo

AR_DG_VerticalYouTube music administration service AdRev has acquired music distribution and marketing platform DashGo for an undisclosed sum. With the addition, AdRev’s parent, AudioMicro, positions itself as a player in the evolving rights management sector, including licensing, distribution and administration. 

About The Two Companies

  • AdRev is a multi channel network and a digital rights management business generating 3 billion monthly YouTube views.
  • DashGo handles distribution for 10,000 artists and labels including Delicious Vinyl, Weezer, Record Collection, DH1 Media, Coconut Records, John Frusciante and Rock Mafia.

Why This Deal?

"Rightsholders and content creators face three main challenges today: monetization, promotion, and distribution," AdRev President Brian Felson told Hypebot. "AdRev is the leader in YouTube monetization, with the largest number of videos claimed and monetized and assets under management – and now, with the acquisition of DashGo, we're helping our rightsholders with distribution, so they can get their works everywhere." 

"Executing little items like pre-order and instant gratification set ups for artists like Tony Lucca and Fidel Rueda make a big deal for clients when handled promptly" added Ben Patterson, DashGo’s founder. "This spring we worked with Rock Mafia and iHeartRadio to kick off Katy Tiz's release of "The Big Bang" digitally with nationwide airplay on iHeartMedia and feature placements on retailers like iTunes before upstreaming to Atlantic Records."

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