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AppLOUD | Like Instagram For Musicians But With A Paycheck

Tumblr_inline_nfkulxJmX01r1x9ftTo any musician, all the world's a stage. Whether it's a proper stage on a planned performance date or an impromptu jam session on a crowded street, musicians will find a way to make music. If you're a witness to the latter, the music is good, and you have change in your pocket, odds are (if you're a music fan) you'll be inclined to spare some change for the musician sharing his craft. Street musicians pull in tips all the time, but AppLOUD is putting the ability to support musicians playing realtime in the palm of your hand with their Instagram-like mobile app. 

Tired of seeing Pumpkin Spice Lattes on Instagram? So were the founders of AppLOUD. That's why they created a micro-crowdfunding platform for musicians and music fans alike, targeted specifically to the mobile demographic. Users can upload a video of music they witness and tag the artists through their twitter handle. In ten seconds or less, a link to tip the artist is auto-generated and they're able to help that musician raise money via video sharing

Both users and artists will be pleased by the early numbers AppLOUD is presenting. Currently, AppLOUD takes only a 10% cut off the top that goes towards affiliate fees and ticketing sales. Ultimately, this means a $1 tip to a musician pays more to artists than several hundred streams on streaming services like Spotify and YouTube.   Screen-shot-2014-12-01-at-13-27-21

AppLOUD is tiptoeing into the saturated crowdfunding market with an edge on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other competitors – while its competition is geared primarily to consumers using a desktop setup – AppLOUD is optimized for real time mobile use. With the irreversible rise of digital consumerism, that factor alone makes the app worth consideration. 

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