Are You Out Selling Your Music Or Are You Selling Out?

Download (7)As a musician, your creativity is the your most valuable asset. However, creativity can be stifiled when the realities of life start of come in. There are bills to pay. There are things that have to be done. Suddenly, it seems that creativity is placed on the back burner and the demand to conform to the status quo is front and center. Olav Christensen understands this as an artist and in this article he gives his take on the balance between selling your music and selling out. 

There comes a time when you have to decide between your principles and your paycheck. In the music industry this happens more often than not. The music that you feel inspired to make and sparks your creativity may not be what is popular, and that can mean less money in your pocket. But will conforming to the needs of mainstream popular music help the music in the long run? Check out Olav Christensen's take on selling out in the music industry on MusicThinkTank.com.

"When was the last time you listened to other fellow artists at your own level? Which ones did you like? I’ll bet that the ones that got under your skin, were the ones that sounded genuine. Now do you really think that this artist thought about making green when writing that particular line or song? It came from personal experience and an urge to share it."

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