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Deezer Names New CEO, Adds Lyrics To Streaming Music Via LyricFind

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UPDATE:  Along with adding lyrics today, Deezer announced the appointment of a new Global CEO, Dr. Hans-Holger Albrecht. He joins from Millicom where he was President and CEO of the telecom and media group, offering digital services to 50 million customers in Africa and Latin America. 

Deezer has added the ability to read lyrics while you listen to streaming music.  It's an obvious move, but one that its many competitors have likely avoided because of additional costs. As J Herskowitz tweeted this morning: "Big gamble by Deezer in adding lyrics. Takes a razor thin margin and makes it even thinner."

Two Lyric Modes

Rolling out today, users can find a button on the player to access one of two lyric modes: image from

  • Sing-a-long - lets listeners sing to synchronised lyrics with words automatically highlighted in time with the song
  • Score mode – provides the song-sheet on a single screen.

(video demo below)

LyricFind Delivers The Words

Deezer partnered with LyricFind to offer the first-ever implementation of synchronized lyrics from a major streaming service. “Our team of transcribers have been capturing and time-stamping lyrics literally for years,” says LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantine. “We are excited to be launching this with a brand that is as international as we are. This is a huge day for music fans.” 

About Deezer

Paris based Deezer is just rolling out in the US, but it's global footprint is significant - 16 million monthly active users and 6 million paid subscribers in 180 countries.


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