Do You Have the Risk Tolerance for a Music PR Campaign?

Download (4)Public Relations is tough business that requires a tough skin and tenacity. For those D.I.Y musicians working 24/7 to keep your music career afloat, public relations can often fall at the bottom of the list of things to do. This is where a music publicist can help. A publicist can be a great asset in navigating the highs and lows of a PR campaign. But do you have what it takes to deal with those highs and lows. Janelle Rogers knows these challenges very well as a seasoned music publicist. This article explores common challenges musicians face when considering hiring a publicist and gives tips on how to approach your PR strategy. 

Hearing what the media thinks of your music can be an emotional roller coaster. You get a rave review of your latest album from one music critic and another tears you apart with a negative review about your last show. Publicists have seen and heard it all and can be a great buffer between the media and you as an artist. However, do not hire a publicist out of desparation. The best PR campaigns involve being intentional of getting your work out to the public, which takes a lot of hard work even when it doesn't produce immediate results. Janelle Rogers explains why a publicist is important and gives pitfalls most artists make when hiring a publicist on MusicThinkTank.com.

"You have to ask yourself if you have the risk tolerance to go for it and see where it leads. If you do, then give it everything you have with the partnership of a great pr firm you really trust where you get the instantaneous click it’s the right company for you."

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