Facebook Fatigue: 50% of Facebook Users are Bored


The newest Global Web Index (GWI) Social Report is reporting 50% of British and American Facebook users as being uninterested in Facebook. Why? 45% of users say they're just not as interested in Facebook while 37% says they're bored, and the remaining 18% claim Facebook has simply lost its "cool". With three out of ten users concerned about Facebook's privacy and security, it appears as though there could be cracks in the foundation for the social networking platform

A decade ago, Facebook was the "it" destination for teenagers. Now, those teenagers' teachers, parents, friends parents, and sometimes grandparents are all on Facebook. While teenagers are certainly deeply rooted in the social media scene, they are beginning to substantially stray from Facebook.

Data obstaind by GWI shows why:


Want to know more? A free summary of the GWI Report can be downloaded here.

Source: GlobalWebIndex.net

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  1. <5% organic reach is BS, and its only going to get worse.
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  2. Teens, retired women and women home alone with children are ALWAYS bored, no matter what. That’s why they are playing those stupid games, they share every shit and attend in every freakin sweepstakes. This has nothing to do with Facebook. They are not music fans. Period.

  3. Facebook lost it’s luster long ago. I only stuck around to keep my page(s) updated, but since organic reach will soon be something of the past…why bother?

  4. Facebook is still useful but yeh, it’s becoming harder to reach your audience organically without having to pay for reach.
    Your next option is to try a new social network specifically for the live music community (original bands, live music venues and fans) http://www.eatnoise.com
    It’s open now and in beta. Have a look at the site you can easily build for your band (or venue, or as a fan) for free.
    You can tie in all the sites where you exist on the interwebs, have a handsome full-screen landing page, publish gigs to the web, and interact with venues and fans like you would on FB – but without restriction.

  5. Yeah, all good and such. The profiles look great. But do bands really need to jump on another site and start again? Bands have fatigue from so many sites to join and maintain.

  6. Haha
    the winning contender is eventually a DCentral social network that doesn’t cater to the interests of profiteering but to socializing.
    FaceBook spent alot of money changing the law that will be useless when it gone. The effects on us the citizens will be left to deal with all the other major corps that funded their little privacy disclosure act for profit.

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