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Facebook Fatigue: 50% of Facebook Users are Bored


The newest Global Web Index (GWI) Social Report is reporting 50% of British and American Facebook users as being uninterested in Facebook. Why? 45% of users say they're just not as interested in Facebook while 37% says they're bored, and the remaining 18% claim Facebook has simply lost its "cool". With three out of ten users concerned about Facebook's privacy and security, it appears as though there could be cracks in the foundation for the social networking platform

A decade ago, Facebook was the "it" destination for teenagers. Now, those teenagers' teachers, parents, friends parents, and sometimes grandparents are all on Facebook. While teenagers are certainly deeply rooted in the social media scene, they are beginning to substantially stray from Facebook.

Data obstaind by GWI shows why:


Want to know more? A free summary of the GWI Report can be downloaded here.