Funding The Beat: 4 Ideas To Help Music Producers Raise Money For Their Studio

IMG_4982-580x280Today it is very easy for anyone to achieve their dream of making their own music. With new technology developing everyday the possibilities of DIY recording are endless. However, with new technology can often come with a lofty pricetag. In this article, Cherie Nelson breaks down the challenges that come with building your own studio and give tips on how to make the dreams of your own studio a reality. 

When most people start DIY recording, they gather foam pads and egg cartons to soundproof and using programs like GarageBand to make their music. However, as you become more savvy, you want to invest in better equipment and better software because ultimately it will produce a much cleaner sound. Tactics such as crowdfunding and proper money management can be the tools to make or break your studio dreams. Check out Cherie Nelson's tips on raising money for your dream studio on MusicThinkTank.com

"Working in the music industry usually never amounts to a 9-to-5 career with a 401(k) and vacation time. However, with the right visioning, hard work, money management skills and—most importantly—good melodic hooks, music production and songwriting can pay off."

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