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Google Adds Lyrics To Song Search, Points Results To Google Play

richie furay lyrics[UPDATED] Google has added song lyrics to the top of search results when users search for “song name” plus “lyrics.” Large portions of the song's lyrics are displayed along with a link to "Full Lyrics on Google Play." The move is both a major blow for existing lyric sites and likely a strong source of new users for Google Play. Microsoft's Bing added lyrics to their search results last year.

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Top lyric sites like Azlyrics and Songlyrics previously received the bulk of their traffic via search, but they should have seen this change coming. Google has a history of promoting its own services first in search results.  Another challenge to search-dependent sites is the addition of lyrics within streaming and other music sites. Most recently Deezer added song lyrics from LyricFind to its global streaming service.

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  1. Lets see if Google have the right licenses for displaying lyrics directly on search. Properly not….

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