How to Craft Your Band’s Pitch for 5 Types of Media Outlets

Download (3)The world of media has expanded into a myriad of outlets that can seem overwhelming. However, as a DIY musician, having a proper PR strategy is an essential tool in your branding arsenal. But what makes you stand out as a band in the sea of pitches presented to media outlets everywhere? Music media veteran Carla Jean Whitley sheds some light on the world of music PR and gives tips on how your band can stand out when reaching media outlets. 

Media Agencies normally have the benefit of more resources (time, man power, knowledge) to create dynamic pitches to catch the attention of journalists. As a DIY musician, your resources are limited from wearing different hats. In this article, Carla Jean Whitley makes the process of pinpointing the the right kinds of media outlets and how to create a pitch that will help gain more articles and blog posts. Check out her tips on MusicThinkTank.com

"The media has come calling, and you can’t wait to tell your band’s story over, and over, and over again. Who cares if you sound like a broken record – any press is good press, right? Wrong. It’s true, you could have much worse problems. But think of it this way: If you saw an article about your favorite band (or actor, or comedian, or whatever), picked it up and dove in only to find the same anecdotes you’ve read a dozen times, you’d be disappointed and might even toss aside the whole story"

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