Introducing Hypebot.com 2014 Year End Virtual Panel

FavVeryveryHRezThis year, Hypebot.com is starting a holiday tradition of our own. For the first time, we're opening the floor to industry leaders and infuencers asking them to reflect on the year behind us, how it affected the music industry, and how they believe it will continue to effect the evolution of the music business moving forward in a Virtual Panel.

We have learned a lot from one another in years past and look forward to bringing those conversations front and center as we close out 2014.

Panelists have been sent a list of three key questions (listed below) pertaining to the current state of the music industry. Their responses will be published incrementally between now and the end of the year. We hope you enjoy the series and that you'll be active participants in the Hypebot.com community conversation. 

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Panelists have been asked the following questions: 

1) Do you see the current debate questioning the effect of ubiquitous free music online leading to real change, or is the Taylor Swift rift just a short term distraction?

2) How important is the entry of YouTube Music Key and the expansion of Beats Music within the Apple ecosystem? Will they lead to a much larger streaming audience by the end of 2015, or just fragment a steadily expanding user base?

3) What big shift or story took place in 2014 that will have a major effect on your business/sector in 2015? How will you feel and field the effects?

Stay tuned for more from the Hypebot.com 2014 Year End Virtual Panel. 

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