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Mixcloud Celebrates 5 Years, 6 Million Uploads

Mixcloud 5 years square imageMixcloud, a London-based streaming service aiming to revolutionize internet radio celebrates 5 years by revealing a noteable milestone – over six million shows have been uploaded to the platform by a community of DJs, radio presenters and curators 650,000 strong. 200,000 of those uploads happened in the last month alone, translating into an average of four hours of content being uploaded to the rapidly growing platform every minute. 

Addressing the rapidly growing popularity of the service, Mixcloud co-founder Nico Perez said:

To put this into perspective, 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. So we could not be happier with our performance, considering we have never had any form of external commercial backing. Over five years, we have steadily and organically grown to over 12 million monthly users, despite many of our high profile competitors receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in funding.”

5Perez attributes the success of Mixcloud to a hand selected curation, a feature that separates Mixcloud from a considerable amount of it's competition:

"Many other services rely on algorithm-based music recommendations, whilst we believe that human curators are much better at identifying great new music, connecting the dots and adding a flavor of personality. We have grown efficiently because our listeners are loyal to personalities and brands, not algorithms".

As Mixcloud moves forward into the next 5 years, two notable industry leaders will be joining Mixcloud’s board of advisors: Fred McIntyre and Richard Cohen. McIntyre has built his career as a senior executive at, CBS, AOL, Winamp,, VIBE & SPIN and most recently at Cohen is founder and CEO of music media company LoveLive, and was a former director at FTSE 250 digital media sports business Perform Group.

On the expansion of the Mixcloud team, Perez says, 

"Fred has an enormous amount of experience leading the product, and is pertinently based in the Bay Area. Richard brings an incredible wealth of knowledge around working with brand partners and the live music space. We're excited about the collective IQ that they bring to the table and how they can help us build a product that brings the best ingredients of radio to streaming."

To celebrate five years of growth and development, Mixcloud is showcasing the evolution of the platform’s homepage design. Sign up on


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