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SoundCloud Launches ‘Collection,’ Repositions As Music Streaming Destination

SoundcloudSoundCloud is making strategic moves towards becoming a competitive streaming destination in 2015 with their release of Collection. Collection is a slight deviation from their previous home base setup that allows for more efficient browsing and simplification of music discovery. The home base update also allows users to build playlists, follow artists, and like content for a more personalized listening experience. 

The renovated look and feel of SoundCloud's Collection offers square album artwork, like that of Rdio, for easy perusing and simple content navigation. Users can also browse and break down collections based on who they like, what artists they're following, playlists they've created, and allows for chronological sorting or cross-collection shuffling.

This improvement is a small shift for SoundCloud today, but a notable one on their projected path. 2015 is a pivotal year for SoundCloud  as they work to close deals with labels and rightholders to launch a paid music service in 2105

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