Spotify: Daniel Knows Best?

Spotify-logo-650_0Spotify has tried since its inception to legitimize itself as a reputable source for delivering content that is beneficial to both consumer and artist. However, when artists like Taylor Swift feel that their music is not being treated fairly by sites like Spotify, it raises the question if Spotify has made any strides at all in becoming the premier outlet to display music fairly. Jason Ventura has a few thoughts on Spotify's place in today's culture and shares in his latest article on MusicThinkTank.com

With the New Year approaching, it allows for music culture pundits everywhere to have a take on what the music industry did in the past year and its hopes for the future. Subscription based services, while still being in their infancy, have a lot of unchartered territory it has left to discover. What will the New Year bring for Spotify and its effect on music? Check out Jason Ventura's predictions on MusicThinkTank.com.

"Spotify has yet to convince consumers to buy into the idea, leaving most memberships at the freemium level with no intentions to graduate to the premium service. Ek said that artists and musicians are not informed on Spotify’s service. However, everybody with and around the music industry is well aware of the dollar to the penny pay out"

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  1. Hi Nia — “Unchartered” means “lacking a charter,” and is a word most people have little use for. “Uncharted” means “unmapped” or “unexplored,” so the expression meaning “to explore a new subject or area” is “enter uncharted territory.”

  2. I think Daniel should “walk his own talk” at take for total compensation (cash and stock) what the average artist on Spotify makes per year.

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