What is My Image?

Images (3)Today it seems like artists come out of a music factory. They are the product of a generation's worth of thoughts, habits and likes all rolled into a neat package that appeals to the masses. While it seems like there are many artists today that seem to come pre-fabricated, a lot of work and planning goes into making an image for any artist. Some artists exude authenticity and it carries over to all aspects of their being: their appearance, their personality and how that translates to the music they create. Music industry veteran Max Snow shares from his wealth of knowledge the importance of building an image around your music. 

When the word "image" is presented, it can be seen as someone trying to create something out of the proverbial music factory. However, there are benefits to creating a brand image as an artist. In the midst of shortening attention spans everywhere, an image for your brand can create a consistent picture for fans to remember. When done correctly, creating a successful brand image can give you a better platform for your music to stand on. Check out Max Snow's tips on creating a successful image on MusicThinkTank.com

"To have a music career means more than just making good music. Fans want more than just songs. They want a figure that is the human representation of the songs that mean so much to them. You need to be the whole package to attract listeners, who want to undergo a genuine, authentic, and all-encompassing music experience."

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