YouTube Launches GIF Creator

YouTube_logo_2013.svgHave you ever found yourself mindlessly flipping through a Buzzfeed article chock-full of photos and GIF files wondering how on earth such perfect specimens of hilarity are generated from your favorite videos? Thanks to YouTube's new GIF creator, you can finally be the genius in the drivers seat. Using the new feature, you can grab clips of a video you're watching and turn it into a silent mini clip that plays on a loop. AKA – a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). 

Using the GIF tool is easy. Simply sign into YouTube, find the video, hit the share button and select the GIF option. From there, sliders are available to help you select the preferred part of the video for your GIF masterpiece – text can be added above and below at this stage as well. Final results can be emailed, embedded, or shared on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. 

Test the feature for yourself with the video embedded below. Happy GIF making! 

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