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10 Major Acts Missing From Every Streaming Music Service – Jan. 2015 Edition

no streaming2014 was a major growth year for streaming music, but it was also the year that a few major artists decided to very publicly pull their tracks off. Still other veteran acts have managed to resist the lure of streaming and never allowed their catalogs to ever be streamed. The top 10 holdouts:

In no particular order:

  • taylor swiftTaylor Swift – New music only available on YouTube
  • Jason Aldean – Unavailable on Spotify
  • Prince - Unavailable on YouTube
  • Garth Brooks - Unavailable on all services
  • Bob Seger - Unavailable on all services
  • Tool - Unavailable on all services
  • King Crimson – Unavailable on all
  • Pete Townshend – Unavailable on all services

  • Thom Yorke – Unavailable on all services

  • The Beatles – Unavailable on all services

via Rolling Stone

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  1. After being ripped off over and over by both managers and record companies, Fripp will take the Crimson albums with him to the grave before he ever lets them stream…

  2. This is the only way back from the abyss they call interactive music streaming. No matter how you slice and dice the numbers, the majority of musicians, like any other artist who produces work for sale, must be able to monetize that work at a meaningful level to survive.
    While we read about the ‘big’ artists withholding their music, more and more mid-level and emerging artists are cutting back or totally eliminating their songs from these services.
    That’s step one. Step two is create awareness with listeners that this is taking place and to not simply rely on interactive streaming for the music that matters to them.

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