9 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Music Publicist

DownloadThe New Year can mean new beginnings for your music career. Maybe you would like to tour more. Maybe you would like to increase your social media following. Maybe you would like to gain more press coverage. A publicist can help steer your music career in the right direction. However, choosing the right publicist can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. Publicist Nicholas David shares his thoughts on choosing the right music publicist for your career.

There are many considerations to make when hiring a publicist. Larger publicity firms may have the resources to garner the press coverage you want, but that could mean spending more money for representation. Smaller publicity firms may be cheaper to hire, but that may mean having a publicist who does not have the same amount of experience and resources to deliver the results that you may want. In this article, Nicholas David gives an in-depth look about hiring a music publicist. Check out questions to ask your future publicist on MusicThinkTank.com

"A professional publicist will help you see your story through a new lens and can help you pitch your story to local press on more occasions than just a new product launch or community outreach event. Publicists help you see the value you can provide to the local press, not just the benefits they can bring to you."

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