Directional Music: Keeping Artists And Media Makers In Business

DirectionalMusic-Logos-DMSymbol-070814-National-washedoutred-2Directional Music has launched it's website and online searchable music database providing curated content for music supervisors and media makers looking to license music. Directional music aims to keep indie musicians in business by including their work in their powerful search platform, making it available for synch licensing. Users can search, license, and collaborate with others on a project-by-project basis. 

“It’s a tough struggle for artists these days to get by” says Jason Meeks, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Directional Music.  “We want to help these artists not only get more exposure, but also get some money in their pockets.  We are interested in showcasing all of the great untapped talent in the world, whilst providing media makers something they can be proud of to use in their work”.

1ZH2tZ8ZOffering an outlet to hardworking indie musicians and an easily accessible music library containing pre-cleared music to music seekers, Directional Music seeks to open the doors for professional collaboration across the aisle. In addition to the searchable catalog, one-on-one search and supervision services based on finding the best match will be provided by Directional Music at no charge. 

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