Exposure Is Mostly Bullshit… Mostly

Images (6)As an independent artist, it can be very easy to want to find as many opportunities to gain exposure. For some, getting exposure can be a challenge. For others, exposure can mean taking every opportunity to let the world know about your music. But is there a line for having too much exposure? If so, where do you draw that line. In this article Kyle Williams explains how exposure can be used to either help or hurt your career.

Exposure, like other aspects of yur career, take planning and strategy; it is not something that can be done haphazardly. When thinking about growing your fanbase and gaining exposure, you have to consider your target audience and find ways to make them listen to your music. In the end, getting the right exposure means focusing on creating amazing music and connecting with people every day to make sure that the right people can spread the word. Check out Kyle Williams take on exposure at MusicThinkTank.com.

"Getting exposure in itself is most likely not going to suddenly land you some A&R rep, manager, or rock star discovery fantasy that’s going to solve all your problems (not saying that’s your exact position,). Exposure is unpredictable because humans don’t always react in the way that we wish they would."

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