The Best And Worst Times To Release YouTube Videos

YouTube_logo_2013.svgWhile openly admitting the study is ultimately biased to their own user base, Frederator believes their comparable demographic can help crack the code for the best and worst times of the year to post videos to YouTube. Compiling data from over 1,300 channels generating over 120 million views, and taking into account YouTube viewership as a whole as well as the ebb and flow of advertising prices, Frederator translated their findings into the following charts representing the best hours, days, weeks, and months to post YouTube videos. 

Best Hours To Post on YouTube (All Times Are EST)


Best Days To Post on YouTube (Thursday or Friday)


The Best Days For Advertising Dollars

  • Blue: High viewership days
  • Yellow: High CPM days
  • Green: High viewership and CPM days
  • Red: Days that are significantly bad in comparison to nearby days for viewership and/or CPMs


Best Days To Post New Content To YouTube

  • Green: A very good day to release
  • Yellow : A good day to release
  • Grey/White: A moderate day to release
  • Red: A bad day to release 



For an in depth look at Frederator Network's findings, visit TubeFilter.com

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  1. Gotta take stuff like this with a grain of salt…
    If you’re a west-coast-based band with a west coast fan base, posting a video between 6-8AM on a Saturday CAN’T garner you the most views.

  2. If a video doesn’t get many views because it was published at a bad time, it probably isn’t that good of a video. If a video is very good, it will get many views regardless of when it was published. Even if your video gets more views because you published it at a good time, if it isn’t that good, the time you posted it won’t really matter in the long run.

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