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GEOclubbing Presents A SoundCloud Weather Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

CoverGuest Post by David Blue on

It’s no stretch to say 2014 wasn't SoundCloud’s finest hour. High profile defections, disappointing app releases, allowing labels to unilaterally kill tracks… oh my! These actions certainly raise an eyebrow, but we at GEOclubbing wanted to look beyond the buzz to see how SoundCloud usage is actually trending in line with recent news.

To do this, we used one of the best data sources available: Facebook events created by promoters, DJs, and musicians; looking specifically at how often links to are included. This method is especially potent because it focuses on the influencers who’ll make or break SoundCloud’s future, and indicates not only actual usage, but their willingness (or not) to publicly endorse the platform on a recurring basis.

Looking at the results below, it’s clear usage was generally flat in 2014, and that SoundCloud has some work to do.

We’ll be using this data to help guide our product development, but wanted to share it with the industry at large. Whether you’re a label thinking about partnering with SoundCloud, or simply an artist looking to post tracks, it’s always good to have the facts.

And for what it’s worth, we don’t think any of their problems are unsolvable, and are actually really excited about the future SoundCloud is working toward.


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