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Highest Paid Musicians Of 2014 – What They Make Per Second

Dr-dreSome of the highest paid musicians of 2014 are consistently making more than Hollywood's best actors, or Pro-League sports stars. Have you ever wondered what the breakdown in salaries would like look if you analyzed it down to what they made per-second? If so, you can exhale now – the wait is over. The folks at Forbes & have combined forces, generously posting a rolling ticker of how much all your favorite musicians and stars are making per second – a sight sure to make you feel badly about your day job.

Dr. Dre made out quite nicely in his Beats acquisition deal with Apple (on record as the highest single-year payout the industry has ever seen) so nicely, he came in totaling a staggering $19.22 per second. The closest anyone came to catching Dr. Dre was Beyonce. With her Mrs. Carter Show world tour, a surprise album, and multiple endorsement deal, Beyonce enjoyed her most lucrative year to date, bringing in $3.65 per second. Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber completed the top 3 grossing pop artists, collecting $2.03 and $2.54 respectively.  Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.10.29 AM

The Eagles beat out One Direction, making $3.17 per second. Bon Jovi and Rolling Stones also enjoyed successful years, attributed in large to their world tours. UK DJ Calvin Harris held his own at $2.09 per second with Jay Z and Diddy on his heels at $1.90 per second. 

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  1. This is very impressive. Taylor Swift concluded the RED Tour and released ‘1989’ album in 2014. ‘1989’ was successful, yes. But real income flows from world tours, which will start soon enough in 2015. Then we will be able to see a little improvement in her numbers. But won’t come even closer to Dre’s.

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