How Do Feature Placements On iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Work?

music storesDistribution in the music industry is one of the most important aspects of any musician's career. It means that you are getting your music out to the masses, which could mean more sales and ultimately more money in your pocket. As helpful distribution is for an artist, there is not a definite formula that fits everyone's needs. To find the right formula, pros like Jorge Brea can be a major help in figuring out what works to get feature placements for your distribution. 

When a song or album is released, distribution sends your music to many outlets. However, many factors contribute to your music being placed on the front page of websites and in the front of music stores everywhere. Things like your social media presence and the uniqueness of your project can determine where your music is placed and how prominent it is for consumers to see. In a sea of DIY artists, having a distribution plan is vital to stand out and achieve long-term success. Check out Jorge Brea's tips on getting featured distribution placements on MusicThinkTank.com. 

"An aspect that goes hand-in-hand with distribution is the marketing of products, labels and artists. We receive hundreds of requests in a given week that our team works hard to pitch to the different partnerships that we have. A lot of the requests are great and even when they aren’t, we try our best to educate our clients to take proper steps to where their products can be considered and featured."

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