How to Build Buzz for Your Next Release (German Rap Edition)

Images (7)Rap music has grown to be one of the most beloved genres of music. Over the years, rap has evolved to reach people of different nationalities and backgrounds. In recent years, rappers in Germany are selling more records than their US counterparts. What is the secret to their success and how can you build that buzz for your next album? Lukas Caminzind shares in this article tips to create buzz for your next album just like the Germans. 

Creating buzz for an album is not something that happens overnight. It is a process that takes careful strategy and execution. When thinking of your creative strategy, boldness is key. Maybe that means creating a twitter beef. Maybe you can have a funny viral video campaign. Maybe you can cross promote with another artist and their album release. Check out Lukas Caminzind's take on creating massive buzz for your album on MusicThinkTank.com.

"Why so serious? I understand your music is important to you. But when you assume the same level of commitment from others… you’re expecting too much from your audience! Instead, make them laugh every now and then."

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