How To Leverage Radio/TV Interviews – Converting Listeners Into Fans

Download (10)In today's music industry, mosts artists have a web presence to connect with their fans. However, a web presence is nothing if no one is able to find your social networks easily. Thankfully in the age of new media, there are new and innovative ways that consumer can hear and see you promote your music. In this article, Mark Rubini explains how you can use your radio and television opportunities to maximize your followers on the internet.

Opportunities are everywhere to increase your following on social netowrks. As a musician, it can be easy to target your efforts on writing great Facebook and Twitter posts. But targeting the right consumers takes more than that. When you are doing interviews, are you making sure you are leaving url links to your social networks? Do you have specific landing pages for fans to go to after you give an interview? Check out Mark Rubini's tips on creating a loyal fan base by leveraging press opportunities on MusicThinkTank.com.   

"Some other musicians decide to share their social media information. You do not want to do that, unless you have systems in place on your social channels to grab visitor’s basic information. In fact, you don’t have full control on your social channels and it would be far more difficult to reach those visitors whether they decide to follow you or not."         

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