Introducing Nia Jones, Music Think Tank Community Manager

6a01bb07a09673970d01b8d0864cf3970c-250siPlease join us in extending a warm welcome to Nia Jones, the new community manager of Hypebot.com's sister site, MusicThinkTank.com. Nia joined us as an intern in 2014 and has proved herself an invaluable addition to the team. Immersing herself in the music industry as much as possible, Nia has helped develop strategies for musicians ranging from unknown indie artists to Snoop Dogg, Far East Movement and YG.

Nia has also worked on marketing campaigns for Sony Home Entertainment and Skullcandy. We appreciate the wide variety of marketing and digital media skills Nia to the table, and are thrilled to welcome her on board. 

A native to Washington, DC she enjoys taking full advantage of the live music scene in the area. When Nia was asked why she wished to pursue a career in the music industry she responded, "To me, music is something that is just so natural, so freeing. It's one of the only professional spaces I've found that correlates directly with my emotions. Artists bring that same raw emotion to their music. I appreciate the experience of working with artists and seeing how the behind the scenes work translates into life performances and the growing of a real fan base. This work matters to me, and when considering career paths, that's something I want at the forefront."

In her off time, Nia can be found exploring DC and the surrounding area as an active participant in her community and a champion of local arts. A fun fact you may never otherwise learn about Nia is her devotion to Chipotle – she is actually on record as saying "If Chipotle were a religion, I'd be it's first convert." 

Connect with Nia and welcome her to the community on Twitter @MissNiaRene - extra points if you introduce yourself as your favorite Chipotle dish. 

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  1. Welcome Nina! Wait, so you’ve been interning at Hypebot since last year, but you did all that high-profile stuff BEFORE an internship?

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