Melboss Launches To Serve As Accelerator For Musicians Seeking To Build Careers

MelbosslogoMelboss Co-Founders, Francisco Buendia and Filippo Tartari saw a need for an inclusive music hub and open marketplace and aim to fill that deficit with Melboss. Melboss prides itself on being an open network to musicians centered around the building of community instead of perpetuating competition where artists can collaborate and build their careers together. Melboss offers a wide variety of tools and resources geared toward emerging artists – signing up is simple and free on Melboss.com

The Track Review App is perhaps one of the services most attractive features for artists breaking into the industry. The Track Review App allows artists to connect directly with award winning music executives who interact with them directly and provide valuable feedback as they launch their careers. 

Their promotional video illustrates the vision of Melboss and the simplicity of the platform: 

Melboss Music – The New Music HUB from Melboss Music on Vimeo.

“As the music industry democratizes, musicians need better ways to access resources, mentors and opportunities.  And on that same token, experienced music executives need better ways to find new comers. Melboss is a platform developing essential services for a world without a middlemen,” said CEO of Melboss, Francisco Buendia.

While there is an abundant supply of services geared toward assisting musicians, Melboss hopes to capitolize on the culture of community they seek to provide to aspiring musicians. Their market rollout has initiated in Los Angeles, California and later to expand to other US markets, ultimately going international.

Submit to join Melboss for free via the official website: www.melboss.com. And if you’re a Music Executive with a passion to teach and lead artists, learn how you can become a Melboss Mentor. Send an email to mentors@melboss.com for additional information.

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