Music: Art or Business? 2 New-Old Considerations

Download (8)The music industry has changed drastically in recent years. Artists struggle to balance their creativity with the pressures of conforming to the demands of the mainstream music industry. Consumers live in an age where the quality of music has declined because of the iPod shuffle. Constant conflict between the two can be difficult to reconcile. Jim Hodson shares in this article how artist and consumers can appreciate the current state of the music industry for what it is worth, rather than attempting to form it to fit a certain ideal. 

Reconciliation between artist and consumer in the music industry lies in both parties placing more value in music. Artists must be able to take more risks and create albums that are quality from beginning to end. In the same respect, fans need to place more faith in artists so that they can truly invest in quality music and appreciate it in its entirety and not subject it to the abyss of endless playlists. Check out Jim Hodson's take on the current state of affairs in the music industry at MusicThinkTank.com

"The key to the long term success for artist, fans, and the intermediary (aka the man), is to realize when things are valued as a commodity of assumed value, or something else. We must also contend with the fact that a recording is almost always both.  In other words, what is emotional and priceless to me, may be nearly worthless to you"

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