Is This The Weirdest Band T-Shirt Of 2015, Possibly Ever?

t-shirtWe might be only be eight days into the new year, but we've got a front runner for the weirdest band t-shirt of 2015. When one thinks of influential band promotion, the response is probably more thoughtful than simply throwing shit on the front of a t-shirt and hoping it sells, but that's exactly what the band Iced Earth was going for. But they didn't stop there, their "POOP" t-shirt was not just a call to action, but was backed, quite literally, by the proclomation that "Even Hot Chicks Do It". Here it is….

I can't say I'd wear this t-shirt. I can however say, it got my attention and I now know who Iced Earth is. Kings to you, POOP shirt – and hat tip to you, Iced Earth for the worst/best metal t-shirt of all time. 


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