How To Send Your Music To Radio Stations

Download (2)Independent artists are asked to be a one-stop promotion machine. They make their music. They record their music. They then promote their music on social media and through album releases. They tour and try to get the masses to hear their songs on the radio. Getting on the radio, however, can be the trickiest task to accomplish. After all, getting on the radio is one of the prongs on the self-promotion wheel that is out of the artist control. LIz Uhl sees this everyday in her attempt to get indepenendent industry and is shedding some light in the dark world of radio promotion. 

Getting on the radio is a straight-foward process. Music Directors and Programs listen to a lot of potential songs from artists everywhere and they decide who gets played and how much they get played on the raido. But how do you know your song is being heard? How can you protect yourself from making sure that your song is not being sent into the void and actually heard by people that make decisions. In this article, Liz Uhl gives insight into how radio play works and how you can make your next song heard by the radio people that need to play your music. Check out Liz’s tips on getting your song on the radio on MusicThinkTank.com. 

Commercial raio stations will not play music by artists that are not serious about their project. If your music is not submitted to them properly they will typically assume it is not high quality enough for radio play. Music Directors need to know that you are educated enough about the music industry to send your music properly.”  

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