New .BAND Domains Offer Online Visibility For MusicIans

Rightside-360Rightside, a provider of domain name services has added  .BAND domains to the global music industry as the fourth new Top Level Domain (TLD). .BAND is geared to both emerging and mainstream artists, industry influencers and online music services. The new domain aims to provide access to a bigger audience and differentiation from an otherwise saturated market. 

Industry veteran Jeff Pollack, CEO of Global Media & Entertainment for Pollack Music & Media Group, knows firsthand the importance of recognizable branding for bands and musicians. "Artists require not only talent, but also a strong, creative identity that will allow them to stand out in a highly competitive musical landscape," he said. "New domain name options, like .BAND, give musicians exciting new opportunities to extend a unique identity online."

Rightside111.BAND offers a unique platform that artists and brands. In a market that is regularly inundated with new contributors, new content, and new competition, Rightside hopes to provide a defining edge with its distinctive web and email addresses. 


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