Royalty Exchange Launches ARIA Providing Royalty Insights At Light Speed

AriaNew.png-300x179Royalty Exchange has launched Accelerating Royalty Insights with Analytics (ARIA), an online tool that allows publishers, songwriters, and artists to calculate how much Spotify, Pandora and other streaming services are paying them per play. A worthy addition to the growing list of services to be aware of in 2015, ARIA is free to individual royalty owners and is available at a premium for publishers. 

Url“Every royalty owner and publisher should add this tool to their arsenal as they battle for their fair share of royalty payments and collections,” said Sean Peace, President of Royalty Exchange. “The light is shining bright on the issue of royalty rates right now as we wait to see what happens at the Department of Justice with regard to the potential consent decree changes. Artists like Taylor Swift and Bono are also helping to keep this issue in the forefront as they battle over what they are getting paid by streaming services. ARIA helps them tackle these issues by providing them with key information that has been hard to pull together in the past.”

Whether you are a music publisher, songwriter, producer or artist, ARIA can save you time and more importantly, money. Start your FREE trail on RoyaltyGuru.com

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