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Snapchat’s “Discover” Launch with Key Music, Media Partners Creates Portal To Millions Of Millennials

Sn1Snapchat has launched a new media platform "Discover" featuring bite-size servings of the latest news and newest content from strategic media partners such as Vice, Spotify, The Daily Mail, Comedy Central, Warner Music GroupCosmopolitanPeople, Yahoo!, and National Geographic served all-you-can-eat buffet style within the app. Offering expertly curated creative content targeted at individual users, Snapchat has created a platform that could unlock access to the attention of millions of millennials big media outlets have otherwise only been moderately successful in capturing. 

Lets face it, we all have shorter attention spans these days. With the glorification of busy on the rise, nobody "has time" to luxuriously peruse the paper in the morning before beginning their day – or if they do, odds are, its a brief scan of the headlines. The pursuit of insta-knowledge isn't going anywhere – which is exactly why Snapchat's move to capitalize on their ability to give big media front row access to an untapped demographic is particularly noteworthy. 

For musicians, this may serve as another direct to fan platform worth keeping an eye on. The Warner Music edition of Discover opens with music video teasers featuring Blake Shelton, David Guetta and other rising artists who can now be viewed by fans directly instead of being reliant on information getting through the mass filters of other social media platforms before making it to their screens. 

In yesterday's blog announcement, Snapchat outlined a commitment to the creatives that are driving today's story telling marketing movement:

Discover is different because it has been built for creatives. All too often, artists are forced to accommodate new technologies in order to distribute their work. This time we built the technology to serve the art: each edition includes full screen photos and videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising. Discover is new, but familiar. That’s because Stories are at the core – there’s a beginning, middle, and end so that editors can put everything in order. Every edition is refreshed after 24 hours – because what’s news today is history tomorrow.

To access "Discover", users swipe left until they see a panel of icons featuring the logos of featured media outlets. Users then click on their platform of choice and begin scrolling through daily updated content. Snapchat has achieved making mass information easily digestible by constricting previews to the apps standard max view time of ten seconds. From there, if users are interested in learning more or watching full videos, they swipe upward for the full story. 

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