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Spotify Upgrades App With Gestures, Touch Preview

Spotify logoSpotify has followed the lead of hot apps like Snapchat adding swiping gestures. An upgraded iOS app adds Touch Preview which allows users to preview a song from a playlist, album or artist with the touch of a finger. Drag your finger across the screen to sample songs, and once done  you’ll be taken back to where you left  off. Touch Preview also makes building playlists easier: when previewing a track swipe left saves it to Your Music or right to play next.

Details & A Video Preview

Spotify's new gesture based features include: 

● "Want to preview? You can press and hold on any song, album, artist or playlist to start listening. The music starts instantly. Drag your finger to move between each song. To play the entire track, simply tap on it."

●"Already listening to something? Once you’ve finished previewing, we’ll take you back to the exact moment you left your previous session."

● "Want to listen later? We’ve made it even simpler to save and queue the songs you like. Just swipe left to save to Your Music, or swipe right to queue."



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