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Streamus Chrome Extension Turns YouTube Into FREE Music Streaming Service

StreamusGoogle and YouTube have been plotting ways to encourage people to pay for streaming music. YouTube Music Key, currently in beta, charges $7.99 and up for a premium overlay to YouTube.  Now a feature rich Chrome extension, Streamus, does most of that for free. Developed by an independent third party developer, Streamus has been in beta for almost three years; and the care spent building the app shows.

Feee Music Streaming:

Streamus popupThe core of the extension is a player-like pop up that allows users to search for, play, save, playlist and share music from any tab in your Chrome browser. There's even a "radio" feature that offers suggestions based on your listening habits.  I've been using Streamus all morning and it has been performing flawlessly.

Steamus has been available for some time, getting 1770+ 5 star reviews in the official Google Chrome extensions store. But because Streamus eliminates YouTube ads and offers so many robust features at zero cost, its hard not to imagine Google being concerned.  Even more upset are likley to be Google's label partners, who have pushed so hard for YouTube to add a paid layer.  

Learn more about Streamus, grab the extension and donate here


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